COVID-19 Club Restrictions

Covid-19 Update on Restrictions for all Members & Guests
Update from Management Committee (24th March 2020).

An update from the Management Committee

This is an update on the situation at the Golf Club.

With the Level 4 restrictions coming into effect tonight we have now closed the Shop, Office, and Clubhouse and made plans for the next 4 weeks.

Golf has been suspended for four weeks. To keep abreast of the latest information from NZ Golf, go to ‘my golf’ and you can read the updates.

We have emptied the Bar and turned off the chiller. We are advised that the beer in the kegs will keep for 3-4 months. The Shop has been cleared of soft drinks and snacks so, hopefully, we won’t be targeted by thieves again.  All cash has been removed from the premises. Diana has closed the kitchen, emptied the fridges and freezers and turned off where possible.  This will all help reduce the power requirements.

The latest guidance from NZ Golf is that the green keepers can still maintain the course providing they follow the distancing requirements and only keep things ticking over.  They won’t be applying fertiliser for example but are able to apply a growth inhibitor to the grass and mow as required.  However, this advice may change and we are monitoring it..

We have confirmed to the staff that we are applying for government funding to pay their wages. We understand this facility has now been extended to Incorporated Societies.

We have approached the bank and finance companies regarding the mortgage/loan repayments which will reduce our outgoings for the next 90 days.  Lynda Hurley is able to access the Club’s finances and records from home remotely so we can continue to operate our bank accounts and pay our bills.

Tracey is also working remotely, monitoring any incoming emails and responding to queries as they arise.

These are very challenging times for us all.  We will continue to issue email updates to members as things evolve.

Finally, if we have any members who need assistance, for example if they can’t get to the shops, need help with online shopping or just a phone call, then please let Lynda know at or phone 0274 941 863.

All the best to you all as we go into self isolation.

To All Members (22nd March 2020).
In the light of the Covid-19 situation the Management Committee of Bay of Islands Kerikeri Golf Club have approved the following policy restrictions. These restrictions will remain in place until further notification.
Your compliance with these restrictions is essential to protect the health of your fellow members and guests, and also to protect our ability to continue to operate uninterrupted at this time.
Members & Guests
* If you are feeling unwell you are not permitted to come to the Club, play golf at the Club, nor enter the Golf Shop, Clubhouse, Bar or Café.
* If you have recently returned, live with someone who has recently returned or spent time with someone who has recently returned from overseas, in the past 14 days you are not permitted to come to the Club, play golf at the Club, nor enter the Clubhouse, Bar or Café for a minimum of 14 days from return or contact.
*If you begin to show any symptoms of the flu or COVID-19 and have recently been at the Club you should immediately notify the Golf Shop via phone or email. Symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing (severe cases).
* It is recommended that you minimise contact with others and practice social distancing. Avoid shaking hands, high fives for that birdie, etc.
* Be aware of all shared use equipment, such as communal use screens (scorecard printing and entering) keypads for cart/trundler shed, etc and wash/sanitise hands accordingly.
* Always wash/sanitise hands before entering the Clubrooms.
* Leave flagsticks in the hole when putting and don’t rake bunkers.

* These restrictions apply to all members, guests, contractors and employees.

Follow all Ministry of Health hygiene recommendations.
* Cover coughs or sneezes with tissues or your elbow.
* Put used tissues in the rubbish bin or in a plastic bag.
* Wash and dry your hands often, especially after coughing or sneezing.
* Limit bodily contact with others where possible.
* Maintain a personal space of 1.5 metres. 

* Golf Shop staff are authorised to ask anyone apparently not complying with these restrictions to leave the Club. 

Thank you for your compliance with these measures at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Management Committee.

Management Committee

Management Committee 19 March 2020