Conditions of Hire

On hiring the venue the hirer agrees to the following:

Courtesy with respect to other users:
All users of the Club Premises will take into consideration the rights of Club Members and other users of the facility, with particular regard to noise and access to other parts of the premises.

The Club will provide table crockery, cutlery and glasses as part of any self catering hire agreement. The clubroom is fully furnished, the sound system and dance floor are available.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to leave the club’s Premises in a clean state with all rubbish and decorations removed from the building.
Setup and after function requirements:
It is the hirer’s responsibility to set up the area/s being hired as required. The hirer will also be responsible for the return of all furniture and equipment to their original locations.

Non-refundable Bond:
A non-refundable bond of $30% of the hire fee to be paid on confirming booking, this being surety against damage to the Golf Club property. The Clubhouse and environs are to be left as you found them. Once all conditions in the Cleaning, Setup and After Function Requirements, and Refundable Bond sections are compiled with to the satisfaction of the Management Committee, the bond will be returned either in full or with compensatory deductions within three (3) working days.

If a booked session is cancelled with at least 1 months notice, the hirer will not incur a charge. Any bookings after this time will incur a cancellation fee of $250.

The Hirer is financially responsible for any damage done during the hire. Should this be in excess of the $250 bond the Hirer will be invoiced for the balance.

The hirer will take responsibility for all areas opened by the hirer for the duration of the booking. The Club takes no responsibility for the security of any items stored on the Club’s Premises throughout the period of hire. It may be a condition of hire that security personnel are employed.

Any Alcohol consumed on the Club’s premises must have been purchased from the Club bar. This is a condition of our Liquor Licence.

In accordance with the Regulations, smoking is NOT PERMITED in the Clubhouse Building at any time.

Fire Policy:
No pyrotechnics or explosives (fireworks) to be used on the Club Premises at any time. No open fires, naked flames (this includes candles and kerosene lamps). No BBQs and or Spits to be used on the Premises unless the Club gives prior consent.

Fire Safety:
Every hirer is required to be familiar with the evacuation procedures for the premises in case of fire. The Hirer or the person whose name appears on the Hire agreement is deemed to be the appointed Fire Warden. The appointed Fire Warden must ensure that all means of egress are checked twice during the hire period – once on entering the facility, and once during the course of the function. In the event of fire, call the Fire Brigade by dialling 111 and evacuate the building!


The conditions of the Club’s Hire Agreement requires the Hirer or his/her nominee to assume all responsibilities for the safety of the occupants of the premises during the period of Hire.

As part of setting up for, and during the function/event, the Hirer is required to ensure:

  • that means of escape from the building are kept free from obstacles,
  • the exit doors are not locked or barred,
  • and that entrances are not used for storage or accumulation of waste.
  • a mobile phone is available for emergency purposes.

In the event of a fire alarm sounding, the Hirer will:

  • turn off all music or noise that is part of the function/event;
  • call 111 or confirm that 111 call to the Fire Service has been made.
  • proceed to the Assembly Area behind the Garden Bar and await the Fire Service.
  • conduct or arrange to conduct a head count to ensure all members of the party are safe.

Upon arrival of the Fire Service the Hirer will:

  • Inform the Officer in Charge of the status of the evacuation and the location of anybody still in the building;
  • await the “All Clear” from the Fire Service
  • give the “All Clear” for a return to the function.